The small Version: in case your regular sbisexual hook upper schedule gets a tiny bit stale, possible invest your following date dunking oranges in gooey soup bowls of melted cheese or dipping cheesecake with comfortable candy sauce from the Melting Pot. This do-it-yourself fondue place fulfills daters hungry for one thing initial and enjoyable. The restaurant provides so much more than scrumptious meals — it really is an interactive knowledge where you dip, prepare, and devour top quality meals together with your go out. Provided plates of salty and sweet snacks encourage couples to savor the moment collectively. Whether it’s your own anniversary dinner or just a weeknight day, The Melting Pot specializes in whipping up outstanding experiences in over 120 places from inside the U.S.


The Melting Pot serves as an intimate area for daters searching for superb as well as an agreeable atmosphere. Lingering with bubbling cheddar and rich melted candy, partners typically communicate unique moments around cafe’s burners.

From very first dates to birthday festivities with regards to first-born, people have actually spent essential milestones in their connections at Melting Pot — among others just like consuming melted cheddar any day’s the few days.

The operation’s diet plan provides various meals for those who have nutritional needs (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free choices) and also for daters looking to indulge in anything savory or sweet. Possible go for treat only with a bowl of marshmallows, desserts, brownies, and various other desserts excellent for dipping in dissolved candy, you can also have the full four-course meal with a salad, cheese fondue, a protein you prepare yourself, and chocolate fondue.

Based in 1975, in Maitland, Fl, The Melting Pot’s original menu had three items: Swiss mozzarella cheese fondue, meat fondue, and candy fondue. The interest in the 3 programs, but shortly led the bistro to expand to offer more meals at even more locations. Now, the team possesses more than 120 residential places and several all over the world. Whether you’re hankering for a creamy oatmeal artichoke plunge or a luscious plate of melted chocolates, The Melting Pot can suit your yearning.

You’ll be able to get in on the Melting Pot’s Club Fondue to know about upcoming unique activities like alcohol and drink meals or meals tastings. Club members supply special trip booking benefits, so you’re able to reserve your night out early.

« in general, it is rather a great deal an entertaining experience, » stated Laura Mulhern, Director of advertising for all the Melting Pot. « exactly what better spot for a romantic date! We provide lovers one thing to savor collectively. You get to delight in each other’s company and exceptional meals, making a special memory space any day’s the few days. »

A Restaurant in which traditional schedules get Extraordinary

The Melting Pot is not a grab-and-go bistro — friends genuinely enjoy each other’s organization during many courses of decadent dishes.

« it’s not necessary to wait to create thoughts with the person you love, » Laura stressed. « You could make in the same way a lot of fantastic recollections on a Tuesday evening as you’re able on an anniversary. »

Of course, the cafe greets big functions and unique activities, nonetheless they additionally treasure close times between friends, family members, and loved ones. The Melting Pot can folks add your own touch to virtually any celebration — though it’s just Tuesday.

« Our personnel really does a fantastic job of getting far above for visitors, » she stated. « we try to offer a great time at all the restaurants. »

Should you decide tell The Melting Pot you are celebrating some thing unique, their staff is happy to sweeten the evening with indulgent bundles which include balloons, teddies, roses, and various other romantic motions. You can even get any message written in chocolate to fill up the meal — possibly as a birthday treat or even just because. Last of all, an employee member can take a photo to help you get as a long-term memento of the date.

With unique, experience-oriented offerings, The Melting Pot looks toward providing another generation of diners exactly who tend to appreciate experiences over materialistic stuff. « Our company is keeping with the trends. It really is our very own work to stay connected to all of our visitors, » Laura told all of us. « Millennials are a driving force for people. »

Couples prepare Memories Over Melty Meals on Valentine’s Day

The act of dipping meals into mozzarella cheese or chocolate is pretty sensuous and certainly will be an enjoyable path to love for daters with a nice tooth. The Melting Pot establishes the feeling on any big date while helping upwards delicious bites. Their unique dining tables frequently refill with couples on romantic days celebration due to the fondue bistro’s track record of mouth-watering and passionate dishes.

The Melting Pot’s prix-fixe selection consists of up to five courses of unique fondue styles like packed baked potato cheddar or white candy crème brûlée. These decadent pairings vary from season to-year and area to location — some restaurants actually provide free cups of wine!

As an operation, The Melting Pot provides each area the independence to help make the time their own, so their own choices varies from destination to spot.

« Every place have something different taking place, » Laura mentioned. « The restaurants make very own modifications to eating plan and specials for valentine’s. »

It is possible to refer to the website discover what romantic days celebration events tend to be happening at Melting Pot places towards you.

The Team Goes the length assuring you obtain your own only Desserts

At The Melting Pot, the visitor’s experience is a team top priority. Laura outlined the company as a family group, with long-term associates trying to please guests from beginners to dessert.

« we people come to be ingrained in what we would, » she described. « our very own servers and hospitality experts stay with us since they enjoy engaging with our friends. »

Throughout the entertaining fondue experience, hosts come to be well-acquainted using their friends. It’s a romantic and friendly environment for daters. Laura told united states the employees is dedicated to assisting friends have actually the experience.

« everybody exactly who is available in those doorways is actually the visitor, » Laura said, « and we should make yes they will have an experience that they recall for many years. »

Since 1975, The Melting Pot Has Brought visitors Together

The Melting Pot is a spot for conversation, cocktails, and mozzarella cheese- and chocolate-covered snacks. As a versatile team, each bistro has its own design and distinctive eating plan products, so there’s usually one thing to learn. The practical meal helps make a lasting impact on guests, and daters will unquestionably take pleasure in the bistro’s cozy atmosphere, decadent foods, and mindful employees.

It’s no surprise couples keep coming back for moments from the Melting Pot.

Whether you are honoring a special event with a family member or simply just wish spend an evening savoring the sweet situations in life, The Melting Pot welcomes everybody. Seize a skewer (and someone special) and come up with your booking for an engaging fondue meal to celebrate your future anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day — or Tuesday.

« It really is exactly about doing your best with committed there is with each other, » Laura informed you. « each and every day is generally a particular event during the Melting Pot because it’s everything you model of it. »