It seems to be all over the news recently: George Clooney has actually broken up with his gf, Stacy Kiebler.

Folks are claiming it is the « older guy, more youthful woman » syndrome. Younger girl will get fed up with the earlier man and comes to an end the partnership.


Do you have anything else better to report pertaining to? It is the many absurd thing I heard.

It Is George Clooney. He resides his very own existence and tends to make his very own choices. The guy dates women of various age groups for a period of time and then they breakup.

Yet every person desires to twist and turn the story into some thing it’s not.

Let us speak about the problem.

I get most dudes in their 40s and 50s exactly who say they only date ladies in their particular 20s.

I find that definitely absurd. Yourself, i mightn’t actually wish date women in their own 20s. It is simply too young for where I am during my life.

Yes, I find them rather. They truly are fantastic to consider. Nevertheless the second they open their unique mouths, I’m not curious. They’re young as well as yet another stage inside their lives.


« Have you outdated more youthful ladies and

realized you used to ben’t on a single course? »

I’d instead relate genuinely to individuals who I have it on with – emotionally, psychologically and actually.

The « older man, more youthful lady » problem is actually more or less older men wanting to generate a physical union or hookup they didn’t have whenever they happened to be younger.

As far as I’m worried, i might never ever need relive my 20s. We try to let folks in their 20s stay-in their own 20s, enjoy, party and have now a very good time.

Me Personally? I’m not in it.

How do you ever guys feel about more mature men and more youthful females? What sort of a long time do you want to date? Just how youthful are you prepared to get? do you believe age even does matter?

And let’s be honest right here: just how many people have dated younger ladies and then understood you had beenn’t on the same emotional or psychological course as all of them?

After a very small amount of time, the amount of of you discovered the whole commitment was actually according to intercourse? I’d want to obtain the conversation rolling along. Let’s notice it!

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